Live Touch XJ® f.a.q.


What is this?


Live Touch XJ ® is a realtime Android tablet loop remixing console with fade L/R, Reverse, Cut-off, Echo effects and voice recorder created by the multimedia artist Emanuele La Loggia and the programmer Ferrari Beniamino. The project started in 2010 and is for sale now in 40 Android Market.


Use of Live Touch XJ® is very simple, transfer sounds with your SD/SDHC card, press load button and start to play !


File format supported?
At the moment we support only 22,05 Khz Pcm .wav mono,  44,1  Khz Pcm .wav stereo

We suggest to use mono samples for better realtime effects because tablets are not like computers !
How many effects I can play realtime?
You can play a maximum of 6 Echo, 6 Delay , 6 Cut-Off, 6 Reverse, with a dual core Tegra 2 Cpu
What is .bxj file ?
Is the file that contains the list of sounds of the sound bank and parameters
How many megabyte I can load for every sound player?
Depends of the model of your Android tablet, memory configuration and Cpu power.
Tegra 2 chipset with 1 gb of ram can load 8 different 25 mb files
How can I turn off the volume of sounds?
Press Volume button and you have access to control slider
Where I can save sounds and sound banks?
You can save save sounds and sound banks on usb or SD/SDHC card. Example press home button from file manager and select home/removabledevice/MicroSdcard
How I can rename, delete, pre play or copy sounds?
Press load button and from the file manager you have access to these functions


Generic Commands Version 1.0:



Play a sample sounds continuously, if is checked before Load, play start automatically



The “Rev” button plays a sound in reverse mode





With the slider you can change the value of  the low pass filter realtime



Current sample box stop to play



Load a sample loop in the current sample box, mp3 will be converted to Live Touch Xj, (no need to converting the same file every load, if present in the directory it will be loaded fast)





You can preload a sound for 6 player, when the sound complete 1 cycle of play, automatically start the preload sound




Switch performances from B1 to B8.




Realtime graphic equalizer



Load a list of 8 samples in current sound bank, you can load 64 sounds in 8 performances at the same time, switching from B1 to B8.



Save current performance in bank 1



Increase/decrease speed of single loop




Pushing ”Echo” button once activate the effect.
Keeping the button pushed for 1 second gives you access to the configuration menu, where Decay, Delay and Attenuation values can be modified.




Fade left sample bank sounds 1,3,5,7  with right sample bank sounds 2,4,6,8


Remember that if you change the volume value inside the volume screen can be affected the fader function to zero value, so you need to return inside volume menu and increase the volume value




On the BPM screen you can adjust the bpm of loops in 4/4, you can also start play and stop all sounds. BPM is very complicated algorithm and cannot be perfect with sounds that not contain rhythm. BPM need more cpu power to execute the calculation and work better with a complete dance/techno type of song.


BPM function is certified only with sounds purchased as expansion of Live Touch Xj from Android Market




Voice Rec” button allows you to record your voice or sounds from an external mic input and to save in .wav file format to mass storage device (USB, SD/SDHC card, etc).



Pushing the “Tablet Menu” button is it possible to access to:



This function allows you to load all sound banks together. The file format is “.gxj”


This function allows you to save all sound banks together, with the preset name. The file format is “.gxj”


This function allows you to save all sound banks together, with a new name. The file format is “.gxj”


Live Touch XJ V.1.55 requirements:


Android Tablet or phone 2.2 or up, Tegra 2 chipset


Screen size 1024x600 pixel 4,3 inch, 1024x768 10,1 inch, 1280x800 pixel 10,1 inch


256 MB free ram (512 suggested)


SD or SD-HC card for storage and load and save sounds and playlist. (SD-HC is better)


Supported files are .wav 22,05/44,1 Khz PCM mono/stereo


Available soon on : Google market, Appslib Market , Amazon Appstore, Opera App Store, Motorola Motodev App Store, Getjar App Store, Slide Me, App China